What is the gift of Intimacy?

Have you ever caught a whiff of an aromatic scent, such as the smell of coconut, and immediately in your mind you are transported into a tropical island sipping piña coladas?

Fragrances and odours trigger emotions and memories, each one is unique to every individual’s experience. Proust Phenomenon is the theory named after French writer Marcel Proust who describes how his character in the famous novel, “In Search of Lost Time”, recalls vivid memories of his childhood after smelling a tea soaked madeleine. Scientists have discovered that the impact of scents on our memory could be related to the proximity of the closeness of our olfactory bulb that processes smells to brain regions which control emotion and memory.

According to our own personal preferences, certain scents can uplift our moods, make us feel confident and even attract someone’s attention. Every perfume reacts differently to our body chemistry, some may smell pleasant while others may not. That is why getting a perfume for someone is not only intimate gesture but also a very personal touch.

In the spirit of love, Gift of Intimacy is a collaboration between Diva Channel and Glam Asia to demonstrate the power of scents, featuring fragrances from Gucci, Hugo Boss and Dolce & Gabbana. Famous among fashionistas for their sophisticated and seductive smells, they have created a new campaign to get lovers engaged in sharing their thoughts on the partner’s scent.

This video puts two couples through the blindfold test where they would have to try to recognise their partner through their unique scent! The end result left us speechless. Watch these 2 videos to find out and tell us what you think. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more beauty updates.

Girlfriend scent test

Boyfriend scent test

This post is proudly sponsored by Gucci and Hugo Boss. Opinions are our own. 


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