Georgine Spring Summer 2017 collection is an eclectic mix of Glam and Grunge. The Dutch fashion designer brought us back to our childhood memories, where we sneakily raid our mother’s closet and styled the clothes our ways. It was a fun thing that every girl enjoys doing. Georgine Ratelband is not an exception. She wrote in a letter to her mom, which also appears as a show note , “I love these pieces because when I wear them, I’m reminded of you.”

The show began with a tailored coat over an embellished lace top, followed by a little black cut-out dress. We also saw classic trench coats with playful details, metallic top over a spider print skirt, a motor jacket paired with a lace dress and boots, and timeless plaid dress with a matching choker. It was like a fashion party in the 90s that has endless fun, punk spirit, edginess, and glamour.

Season after season, Georgine continues to impress us (this was our third time watching her show at New York Fashion Week). When asked who is Georgine’s girl? The designer shared “Taylor Swift would be amazing. Even like Francis Bean Cobain, Zoe Kravitz, Willow Smith I love”. The type of girl who can shop at both Bergdorf Goodman (a luxury goods department store based on Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan) and Trash & Vaudeville (The store is associated with the clothing styles of punk rock and various other counter-culture movements). What a perfect combination, we must say!

Georgine-spring-summer-2017511styles-New York Fashion Week- Georgine Spring/Summer 2017

Georgine Spring Summer 2017

  • Georgine Spring/Summer 2017
  • Georgine Spring/Summer 2017Georgine Spring/Summer 2017Georgine Spring Summer 2017 Georgine Spring/Summer 2017
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