I often hear many female friends of mine “complain” about having to lie to their husband whenever they bring a new handbag home. It’s either they reduce the item’s price by one-third or say things like “It’s a birthday gift from my friends/colleague” *Oops, I just teach you a new trick, didn’t I?*. But they have no right answer to this question asked by their beloved ones “Why do you need so many handbags?”

Well, the answer is in this blog post, so if you keep on reading, you’ll  find it useful in some ways and eventually you might decide to subscribe to our mailing list for future updates? *hint*

Women often shop on impulse and I’m not the exception. I used to buy many handbags that I didn’t really need. I bought them because I liked the colors, I liked the designs, or I liked the discounted prices. When I get older, I become smarter about how I spend my money. Instead of buying a bunch of handbags that I hardly use, I now only invest in a good bag that is not only practical but also timeless. I even think of passing some purses down to my future children if they like.

The truth is whether or not you are a real shopaholic; these are five types of bags that every woman needs in her closet. One for each appropriate occasion. Here are the five!

Handbags for work

A handbag for work needs not to be very expensive. As long as you find a bag that is well-structured and spacious enough for you to keep all your name cards, notebooks, files, wallets and a small makeup pouch, you shouldn’t let it go. Handbag size depends on your body size. If you are petite, go for small or medium sized handbags instead of the large ones. I own 3 out of 5 bags listed below: Givenchy Antigona, Saint Laurent Sac De Jour, and 3.1 Phillip Lim and I can’t say enough how much I love them. Two thumbs up!


Shop the work bag here

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Handbags for the weekend

Will you wear a pencil skirt and a blazer to go out on the weekend? You won’t. That’s exactly why you shouldn’t carry a work bag to a brunch or a movie date. You need a smaller bag for the weekend. Something that we call a crossed body bag. They are light, casual, and big enough for you to keep your phone, wallet, and keys. There are many great choices out there, but these 5 are my current favorites.


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Handbags for a special night

If you are going for a date or a dinner and dance event, you can’t pair the Balenciaga Classic City Tote with a ball gown or a party dress obviously. As much as you are trying to convince yourself that it works, it doesn’t. Regardless, you need a clutch in your closet. Pick your favorite one here.


Shop the clutch

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Handbags for a beach vacation

I remember the feeling I had when I realized among so many handbags that I’ve owned, I had none that is beach vacation appropriate. I went out to shop for a beach tote 24 hours before the trip and ended up getting this Love Moschino tote. It wasn’t too bad but if I had more time, I would have bought one of this beach bags already.


Shop the beach tote here

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Handbags for a jet setter

If you are a jet setter, you’ll need to find a bag that can contain all your necessities for a short or long haul flight. This is what a work bag or even a beach bag can’t offer. If you look at the amount of items that I carry with me on a flight in this blog post, you’ll understand why and probably feel the same. Celine Phantom bag is my ultimate favorite, but Valentino Rockstud and Balenciaga bag would be great choices too.

Best 5-types-of-handbags-for-travel

Shop your travel bag here

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There you have it. A complete handbag-guide for every woman. Next time when your boyfriend or husband asks you “Why do you need so many bags?”, perhaps you can send him this blog post. He’ll have the answer right here. I can’t promise if it will satisfy him, but at least I’ve got you covered.

Which bag is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section below or you can share with me your recommendations on Instagram or Facebook.

Thank you so much for reading!